Wednesday, June 22, 2005

okay pardon me

Okay I new this idea of blogging, so be patient with me. I guess you use this space as an online journal and ramblings of thoughts, or at least that's what I 'm going to use it as. So I spent most of my day off doing laundry and chain smoking. What a boring life I lead. I kept thinking today that I should get off my lazy ass and do somthing and then I remember that I will be back at work tommorow geting cussed at or spit on and trying not to wreck the ambulance. The drivers in this town seem to forget their car is not a phone booth and that when an emergency vehcile is right behind them with the lights, sirens and airhorn blaring that they need to get out of the way: and not by moving into oncoming traffic (move to the right, people). Get off the phone and turn down the Britney Spears.

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