Thursday, June 23, 2005

a life less boring...or not

Life is good. Spent most of my day napping while my partner trained a new hire. It always a good to have a slow day when you can just relax nad well, nap. I love my job...Until I have to deal with the HIV+ pt that has gotten their ass kicked and they are bleeding all over the damn place.

So this weekend I get to meet one of my former patients that was involved in a horrible cycling accident. That was one of my hardest calls I have worked since I began this job three years ago. It not often that a medic gets to know what happens to the people that we drop off at the hospital. Not a lot of closure with my line of work. But you get over it and move on the the next call.

I came home from work to find that my roommates 20 year old cat has been pissing on my bathmat...Again. I hate that damn cat. Eh what can I do. Just quit getting mad I guess, however Im truly tired of doing my laundry because I live with a cat who thinks that the entire house is her litter box. So gross... If anyone has any ideas I open to just about anything.

Other that the cat pisssing on my stuff, I had a good day. I walked into my empty apartment after work. Roommates gone, Just me and the cats. I enjoy an empty house, it means I can listen to the stereo as loud as I want and jump around in my underwear.

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