Friday, June 24, 2005

Pay no attention to the unconscious man in the corner

The human race never ceases to amaze me. Mt first call this morning was to a trailer for an overdose. We get there and the police meet us out side both were shaking their heads they greet us with "We don't know if these people are cracked out of their minds or just idiots, but they apparently they have an unconscious man in the middle of the living room for an hour who apparently took 40 benadryl" So we walk into this dark trailer with about nine ten people sitting around this room with an man laying in the middle of the floor barely breathing. "What happened?" we asking thinking we might get a reactions, instead we get ten blank stares, then one woman, who I guess they all got together and voted who would be the speaker of the group, spoke up and in her cracked out haze stated "Well...uh...I think he took some of this pills...
" I turned to her "What pills?"
"These Pills" and she hands me one lone pink and white pill
And I dare to ask what it is. "well...I...uh...The bottle said BENA...BENAD...allergy medicine, he took like...40 of um"
Great. So we carry this limp unconscious man to the stretcher and head to the unit. I try and get some sort of info on this man, like maybe a name or age or something, however I get four different names all with the same last name so by process of elimination we decide that that was is last name. And he's possibly 43 years old. So I pass on this information to my partner and jump in the driver's seat to drive to the hospital. As I'm about to take off, the speaker of the house Walks up to the window of the ambulance and asks " whatcha doing with him?'"
"I'm taking him to the hospital"
"So like why?"
Because he barely fucking breathing you crack whore...well that what I want to say.."Because he took to many pills and needs to go"
"oh" and then she walks off.

OH MY GOD who are these people!

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