Friday, March 31, 2006

I was the patient...and it sucks

So heres the deal. Im still out on injury. Mostly because my back locked up on me last week, the day before I was gonna call my safety officer to tell him that the injection worked and I wanted to come back. Aparentlly the injection didn't work and I had to call an ambulance to take me to the ER. I couldn't sit bend or anything. All I could do was stand there and argue with my dad on the front lawn about calling my coworkers. I was yelling at him to "Just clean out the back of my truck and I will lay down. Finally after my left leg gave out I caved and I gave him the number to my supervisor. When the medics showed up carring all the gear I met them outside telling them to take all that crap back to the truck and I will walk to the unit. Which I did, then doing this great acrobatic move by holding on to the bars on the roof of the box to get onto the streatcher without bending. It truly was impressive. The medic taking care of me is one of our sarcastic medics who was telling me that when they were called the dispatchers didn't tell them it was me, only that It was non traumatic back pain (a call all medics dispise, anyone who says it isn't is lying through thier teeth) and it was out of the county. (I was at my parents house, which is out of my county). So to say the least he was put out till he found out it was me. Then all was well. So I was transported to the ER my mother works at, which frankly is where all the psychs, drunks and homeless go. But my mom was there so I had an excuse right? The medic transporting me was like "Seriously, you want to go there?" We did get pulled over by one of my off duty supervisors (who refers to me as "Trouble") who was on his way home and heard I was being transported. And I got a few visitors mostly curious medics bringing pts. And the on duty supervisor checking in. So three hours and 8mg Morphine, 10mg Oxycodone, 4mg of Ativan later I was able to atleast get up and was discharged.
So now Im out even longer. Going for yet another MRI tomorrow and then on the 5th find out what the hell they are gonna do to me. Really I hoping for surgery so I can just get it over with and get back to the sick and stupid. I have suggested that for my "light duty", I would like to be croassed trained as a dispatcher. But can a street nedic go to the dark side of the radio and become "The Voice" Hmmm, something to ponder while Im out. Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry things aren't going well for you and your back. I'm keeping good thoughts for you. Please try to take it easy and get plenty of rest.