Monday, March 06, 2006

watch your back

So I'm out on an injury. Well kinda injury. It all began 11 years ago when I ruptured a disc in my lower back. Lumbar region if I must be medically correct. I basiclly disinergrated the disc between L4 and L5. Being that I was 15 years old, my spine doc decided against surgery and went for the new, less invasive route with the injections. Now for those unfamilar with such things, they basiclly inject a steroid and epidural mixture in to the inflammed area and viola! no pain. Now they don't always work and the pain comes back withon days. With me however they work, and work well. I didn;t seak treatment for this again until I was 22. When I had my second and thrid injections, and again no pain...until anout two months ago. When I started having a twinge of pain that didn't go away, so I called up my spine doc and made an appointment. WHile I was waiting for my day to come I had a severe asthma attack. Now, what pray tell does an athsma attack have to do with my back pain. Well nothing really, but the prednisone I was put on for the asthma made the back pain go away. See the steriods don't just work on the inflammed lung tissue, they work anywhere there in inflamation, hence the pain in my low back went away. I was about to cancel the doctor's appointment, when I notice and tingling pins and needles sensation in my leg and foot (Left side only) so as a preventative measure I kept the appointment. Went and he sent me to get an MRI and I was to come back in a few days to get the results of the MRI. Now two days ago I woke up with severe pain, and I was supposed to go to work. Anyone who knows what my work entails knows I cannot work with a back injury. So hence here I am at home amd going stir crazy because I Can;t go anywhere because I hurt. and I can't work because I am hurt and I can;t go to the gym because I am hurt. And Im going nuts. But alas my follow-up appointment is tommorrow so soon I can go back to saving the sick and the stupid.

What fun.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your back problems. I've been very fortunate in that I've never had a problem with me back. I'm really hoping to keep it that way. Please take it easy and be patient. You'll be better soon enough!