Saturday, March 11, 2006

multiple injections are no fun

I am bored. I am bored and on narcotics. Back injuries suck. I am out of work for another week and I can't really do much but lay here and type. But relief is in sight, I had my steriod injections today. in more than one. My MRI showed that not only had I aggrivated my old injury at L4-L5, but I had ruptured the disc between L5-S1, which is the reason I had the new pain. I hurt a new area. Now, still I am a freak of nature. I have pain but it's not the horrible, nauseating, curl up in the fetal postion and die kind of pain that my MRI suggested. It's more like an irritating ache with tingling in my toes that won't go away. I even have my spine doc perplexed. He wondered out loud how I walk, let alone do my back-breaking work as a paramedic without screaming in pain. I guess I can be called lucky because knock on wood I have a terrible injury, but the less invasive treatment of the injections work on me long term. Or at least they have in the past, so I'm hoping that this time will be no diffrent. I will be back at work within a week. For now, I will sit, enjoy the vicodin, rest, and wait for the okay to go back to the ambulance, go back to the gym, go back to living my life without the numbing pain in my leg.


//\\ ||\|| ||)) || said...

sorry about the back!
nice blog though =]

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping you're back on your feet and pain free soon!