Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm irish. I bleed green

So another St Patty's Day has come a gone. Another holiday created for the sole purpose of drinking and acting like an idoit. Like I need a holiday for that, but that's another issue. So a friend of mine and I ran amok the city streets and then when the numerous cab companies wouldn't answer our phone call for a ride home we called one of our QRV (quick response vehicles, they are SUVs non transport) units who came a picked us up. Yes, we technically called an ambulance to drive our intoxicated asses home. In hindsight probally not the best choice but still better than the police...or the coronor...
I was also supposed to be cleared by the County EMS doc to come back to work, but alas I was found not "Fit for Duty" which by all accounts is most likely true. My back is not back to baseline. I still am having that irritating numbing pain down my leg. So I'm am to be out of work for another 2 weeks. Hopefully my Spine doc will find me fit after my next appointment. This is compleatly frustrating. I really do miss work. It gave me a reason to get up. Now, I sleep till noon and have nothing to do all day because all my friends are working. Because thats what normal people do. I sit at home a watch hours of Judge Judy, Oprah, and I love the 80s. What a dull little life I lead. Then by like 4 in the afternoon I go either to my parent's house or I wander around The City taking photographs. I have filled my 1gig card in my camera several times and my computer is slowing down because of all the uncompressed photographs. I miss working.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Irish too but spent the night working instead of celebrating. Story of my life. But hey! I'm going to Ireland in June!
I'm sorry to hear you're not back up to 100% yet. Take it easy and give yourself time to heal. You'll be better soon enough!