Saturday, February 03, 2007


We had a police funeral today. Not a line of duty death, thank god, but he was a well known and well liked officer, not just by his fellow officers, by other public servants. He was good to us, and he will be missed. I only knew him through work. Would talk on scenes, joke, you know normal stuff. I don't have a whole lot of stories like some of the people who knew him very well. But still...he was one of us.

So I don't know how many of you have even been part of a Police funeral, by it is a sight to behold. The city really does shut down. They closed down the main street in front of the church. All the officers lined up at attention in thier dress blues. We also had about 20 medics lines up behind the officers. Then came the rumble of the motorcycles (the officer was a member of the moto team), officers from every juristiction. The drove in front before the casket, with the officer's police crusier behind them. Then we all filed into the church. After it was over there was a motorcaid that stretched across the Connector in to the Island. Just a line of blue lights that strtched on for ever. We had five units at the end and there was two fire trucks. We wound our way to the grave site. There we fell into line, again behind the officers in the dress blues. They had a bugler that playyed Taps, and bag piper that played Amazing Grace, the 21 gun salute. That even had me choked up. Especially when they handed the folded flag to the Parents. Then came the 10-42 salute. It was impressive and beautiful. You never want to have to see this, but it is a wonderful salute to the type of officer he was.

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