Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They really should have naptime

I'm reverting back to my old habits a little bit too soon. I was doing really well going to be at a resonable hour back in January, but my bedtime is getting later and later. I think my body's trying to tell me something. Like maybe I just can't operate in a 9-5 world. We all know by now, I am a night shifter. I prefer the dark as opposed to the sun. I have very fair irish skin, what can I say, the sun burns. It was something ingrained in me as a zygote. My mother worked nights when she was pregnant with me, so I think it totally screwed up my circadian rhythm for the rest of my existance. I'm going to blame her. But I don't mind except at 0830 when I have to try and function and not fall asleep at my desk. And I am working on the always exciting bill codes. Isf they would let me I would totlly work 2030 - 0500. My mind works better at those hours, plus there is less distraction in the middle of the night. And if there is something I don't need its any more distraction. The shiny things on the supervisor's desk I sit at provides me with enough of that. Anyways, I am reverting back to the staying up all night...I try and get into bed by 2200, but I tend to lay there staring at the ceiling until I get bored with that and open my laptop back up and internet for the next couple of hours until about 3 when I finally doze off only to be awoken at 7 to get ready for another exciting day in cubicle hell. All the while I'm at work I keep thinking "I wonder if anyone would notice if I crawled uder the desk and took a nap?"


Anonymous said...

Naps are good for you.
I'm a morning person myself. I love to get up early and have a whole day ahead. It's almost like an unwrapped gift or a full tank of gas in the scooter. The possibilities are endless!


Maria said...

I'm definitely a day person, but I understand your frustration and upside-down-ness, because I did 2 months on nights in a busy hospital. It really screwed me up. At meal times, I wasn't hungry. Who can eat in the middle of the night? But I GAINED weight! I was miserable! (And I still had to be a single mom during the day!)