Saturday, February 17, 2007

New post.

Well, first I'm going to apologize to all of my faithful readers. I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy, I'm moving this weekend, so between that I being sick, and having my foot cut open to remove the hardware I haven't really been up to posting. But tonight I shall post. Even if it is a completly pointless post.

Well The pin pulling was a success, I am healing quite nicely. It was kinda funny, the anesetheologist who put me under for my first surgery, was also the one who put me under for this procedure. He was going through his shpeal before, "We are going to give you some medicine that will put you to sleep and then we are going to put a breathing tube...blah...blah", when I stoped him and said "I'm a Medic, you can use the big words on me I understand what size tube to you think you will use?..and weren't you the doc that did my nerve block before?" (I'm a 6.5 ETT, just FYI). He then looked at me really hard and then cracked up..."You were the Medic who got tanked on her birthday and shattered your foot weren't you? We still get a kick out of your story. Your fractures were impressive... Yes, that whould be me, I am that girl.

But taody was a big day for me I wore two matching shoes. This is a big deal because for the past three months I have had to wear a big ugly AirCast on the broken foot...but today...TODAY, I wore Both of my Adidas Shelltop Gazelles. Granted one's a little bit more beat up than the other, but nontheless I was still thrilled.

I also pissed off a snarly High School student when I told him that his reason for not wearing a seatbelt was idiotic it is uncomfortable and his brother's, best friend's cousin's life was saved because he WASN'T wearing a seat belt (Thats a really stupid thing to tell a Paramedic who in five years has never cut a dead body from a seatbelt, but has on more than a few occasions scraped dead ejections from the asphalt, because they were not wearing was like when I was told by a HS student from the same HS that drunk drivers are more careful drivers because they are intoxicated, someone explain that logic to me)

Okay, well thats enough for me tonight, I must sleep, tomorrow I have to help test 20 or so EMT's for the 4 open EMT slots for my system. A...A is for Airway...right?


Mama Mia said...

Congratulations on again being a two-shoe gal!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you are up and running again (so to speak), sans hardware.
That's an interesting story about what the anesthesiologist had to say. How does it feel to be the subject of new medical folkore?