Thursday, February 22, 2007

I need...

I had a friend of mine today say "You're one of the only girls I know that actually misses the work" And I said to myself...I says "Self...Only six more weeks. And then I thought...You spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week in a sunless cubicle, staring at the walls and a computer screen typing in DXs and ICD9s, who wouldn't miss the street?" Right? I need the streets. They are my life. They are a part of me. I feel the need for drips and drugs boluses. I feel the need for blood and guts and Chest Pain and Shortness...I need gunshots and MVAs. I need retarded drunks argueing with me about taking them to the hospital. I need to be able to yell at the stupid DUI kid who just slammed his car into a pole and who has the audacity to call me a bitch. I need precordial thumps, cardioversions, Radid Sequence intubations and needle decompressions. I need to look death in the face and go...HA HA not today you sick bastard! Your not taking him today! I need my old life back. I'm sick of looking at ICD9s and choosing between ALS1 rides and ALS2 rides.

I dream of the day I go back. I miss it. I feel kinda useless. But I am healing. The healer is healing. so I will continue to heal until the day the orthopod says to me "B- you are ready, go the crackheads; save the the stupid."


Anonymous said...

We want you back. Working a straight job will rot your brain.


chucker said...

(I wish someone could tell me how to attach a photo to this comment!) Trust me on this:

To get through the next few weeks fighting cubicle fever, blow off steam at the Palmetto Grand Theater in Mt. Pleasant. They just added a coin-operated "Emergency Call Ambulance" ride.

It has flashing red lights on the top; you sit in a bucket seat and grasp the steering wheel and look at a screen as you careen through traffic on city streets.

It doesn't seem to have a space "in the back" but maybe it'll help.

Will we see you Sunday at the Blog Thai? Starts 6:30 at Little Thai Too, 350 King Street.

painter in hiding said...

Not this week. I have a standing "Sunday Night Dinner" with friends that I've had for two years now. If the next one is in the sftaernoon or not on a sunday I want to go to one

painter in hiding said...

Oh and I've played that it!