Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dear Miracle Hospital...

Dear Administrator at Miracle Hospital,

I fucking quit.


As of last night, Im officially done being somebody's bitch. No two weeks notice, no party. I fucking done with that place. I am taking my toys and going the fuck home. Im am going to burn bridges and never look back. It sounds llike a great deal, on paper. get paid 13 bucks and hour to haul patients upstairs, and recheck vitals. You get prime seating during life saveing (or ending) trauma. You are responsible for getting the correct intramnet in the surgeons hands before the surgeon even knows he needs it.
Whe the don't tell you is...
even though you were trained as a CA years ago you can't actually get CA pay (thats the 10.00 even), you get PCT pay (9.15) until you take the CA test over agian, and they only offer that like once a month...then to get the big 13 bucks you have to take another test, pass that to get your EDT cred. Are you funcking serious? Ive had my Paremedic for two years, I can Intubate and put EJs in without a direct MD order, how many fucking nurses can say that. Then last night, well first thing I felt like shit, I got this sinus,cold, SARS, bird flu thing thats going around so thats was cool. Then I had a very needy gruop of nurses to take care of. Ones who I guess, were absent the day they taught "How not to obliderate a room" because every room was trashed and everybody seemed to think the clean-up fucking fairy was gonna come it and clean it. Well, people, the fuck clean-up fairy was me. and she is tired of picking up your shit. (this rant in not directed at nurse M. who knows better, she is not on my list) But this, my freinds, is not the end of the story. Being that I was the only Tech on, I had to cleans up after the RNs, which could have been donw if I didn't have 8 patients ready to be transported upstairs, a trauma coming in, and a ultrasound tech to babysit. and of course, ALL of the patients had to be taken up, RIGHT FUCKING THEN. I wouldn't even have gotten the first one off the elevator when I would get called (that fucking phone) to ask where I was and how long I would be because bed 6 needs to be taken upstairs before she asked one more time to have a bedpan and another glass of apple juice and another dose of pain meds becasuse the 6 mgs of diludid isnt quite doing the trick. Well, FUCK, lets me just leave this unstable chest pain pt thats on all kinds of drips here in the middle of the fucking hallway so that right now I can come down a help you with your needy drug seeking patient. If she's driving you that crazy, heres a novel idea..YOU FUCKING TAKE HER TO HER ROOM. that way I dont keep the evil looks from the RNs upstairs who look at me like I got six heads.

Then in rolls the sick as shit GSW. Inwhich I nurse procedded to ask me "when would I be able to take a patient to ultrasound because they are ready for her, oh and you have to stay because its a pelvic" I just looked at her whilts covered in blood and said "it will be a while" and walked off. It was like she wasn't even aware of the bloody mess going on behind me. then this resident is standing in my spot fiddling with an empty IV bad and says to me "there's blood inthe line" I just look at him and go "I know that theres blood in the line, its because he is recieving blood in that IV, now if you are not doing anything could you please take a few steps backwards, because your in my fucking way"

Then after hitting the repeat button, I felt like bill murray in goundhogday. The day shift comes in I'm halfed stocked and sstill running around cleaninf rooms left over from the 9 people I just took up. And the day techs don;t even listen to me when I try and tell them what was going on. One even walked off. Then I heard him bitching about how I never do anything and can't stock. well FUCK OFFF. I fucking quit.Im going back to EMS, where at least I have my family.


Christopher said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out at Miracle Hosp, but I can tell from reading your posts before that you liked EMS an awful lot, so maybe things happen for a reason. I had a shitty job was called Comcast, I did the same thing you did. I drove to the office once night (after I called out sick for like three days), backed my POV up the the cable van and cleaned out my stuff and threw the keys on the boss's desk. See ya!

Oh, and I read your blog with interest...I'm one of 'The Voices' on the other side of the radio...just not your radio (work for a Berkeley agency).

painter in hiding said...

Christopher...thanks for reading. Your a "voice" My hats off to you. I tried it one time and got so flustered I never did it again.
As for EMS love it. and like I said, thats my family. Well, my second family...and I do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I really felt you liked working without a net a lot better. I was truly sorry to see you go. I think this is the right place for you to be at this point in your life.


painter in hiding said...

Mo? I know a No...but who is this Mo person welcoming me back?

No... just kidding...yep. like it better without a net. Ive been really hard to be around recently. Always tired always bitchy. Always getting tangled in that damn net. Thanks if feels right.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how close together the "M" and "N" key are on your keyboard?


painter in hiding said...


Anonymous said...

shame it didn't work out - you seemed really keen moving up from paramedic!

anyway, no doubt it was meant to be, and something good will come of it!

Anonymous said...