Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Math is to Calvin Ball as....

I always leave my math class feeling like I just played a fucked-up game of CalvinBall and nobody explained the rules.

Fpr those of you that don't know what "CalvinBall is here ae the rules
Its from the awsome discontinued comic "Calvin and Hobbes"

Also I was called a "sellout" last night by a medic who was introducing me to an FNG. Boy. was I pissed. My comeback was, "Im not a sellout, I just play for both teams by my own rules, much like CalvinBall" What really funny is he actually got the CBall referance. So there you have it to Calvin referances in less than 24 hours. Damn Im good.

Now Let's play.


Anonymous said...

I loved Calvinball.


Mama Mia said...

Hang in there. Math class is time limited - it will end, and you will still be standing!