Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Im having issues with flickr and blogger so if the posts double up I will go back a delete one of them.

This is my grandfathers Rolleiflex. I shoot with it occasionally. My father gave this to me when I was in High School and was just really getting into photography. My graddaddy, Popeye, was a photographer back in the day and I have inherited several of his old cameras, and my aunt in in the process of digging out his old 8x10 field camera for me.

When I got this old Rollie, there was a roll of film in it. Color film and I can't find anywhere that proessess the type of film. So I have no idea what is on it

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Anonymous said...

Film will deteriorate over time. I found a roll in an old jacket pocket as I was taking it to the chuch thrift store. I took it in and it processed but was a little faded. I identified it as being about 11 years old. Pics of my kids playing in the yard.
I used an old 4x5 press camera in high school. It took excellent pictures. We had a darkroom attached to the chem lab. I have a Yashica TLR and a Richo TLR. I don't know if film is still available for them. I suppose I should think about doing something with them one of these days. Maybe even get rid of them. I haven't thought about them in a long time. They're just sitting in a box in a closet.