Sunday, September 24, 2006

So tired my hair hurts

To say I'm tired is a major understatement. Like calling Mt Everest a rock. I have been working every single day since last Monday and My next day off is Friday night. But the two weeks straight is my own damn fault so I can't bitch. I shot my self in my own foot, per say. My anger with the staff at Miricle Hospital made me lose my fucking head. When I quit, I was convinced that I would never work for them again. Then after cooling off for a day or three, I came to relize Miracle Hospital is a great refereance in the medical field. I worked at one of the busiest ER in the city with the sickest, most screwed up patients...and if I just walked out I would have been black-balled from the busiest hospitals and my otherwise glowing reference would be gone. So I decided to work a two week notice. But of course I told my EMS agency I was through so for this two week period I am full time at both. I havent spend a night in my own bed for a week and a half. I think my legs are going to fall off. But on a plus side I have lost 10 lbs because Im on the Miracle Hospital diet...the no stop to eat, run my ass off diet.

But EMS is happy to have me back, as I am happy to be back. Its like that bad-boy ex that is really, really bad for you, but you still love him anyways despite all the pain and grief he causes. So Im running back, back to my first love. To practice my street medicine or as I was told, practice "without a net"

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you decided not to burn your bridges. I've seen many folks over the years who've done just that and regretted it later. It'll be a tough couple of weeks but it'll be over soon.