Thursday, February 21, 2008

Distract and play

We as paramedics get caught up sometimes in the swirling around us. Lots of people yelling at you from all directions from your 2 year old patient to the patient's freaking out mother to the fire/ medic first resonders who were on scene first to the other kids who saw the patient fall and then subsequently started seizing. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE QUIT YELLING AT ME! Okay one at a time. FIrst Thing...Mom... your little one is alert, awake and now telling me that she is two years old and her favorite color is pink. I can't go anywhere until I find out what happened. Quit yelling at me to start driving I have a Fireman hanging on to my bumper. Quit freaking out because when she sees you freaking out...she freaks hold this oxygen mask right here.
Now...Fire Guy...Give me the short story...
Now Partner...Drive before this mom starts to yell at me some more that I'm not moving fast enough.
This is what I had to deal with today. This 2 year old fell and hit head...HARD on the concrete driveway. Had what sounded like a seizure following fall and breif LOC. But on arrival of us, kid was CAO to normal mental for age. ANd did tell me she was 2 years old and in fact her favorite color was pink. She did not like me for about 30 seconds following a BGL check until I redememed myself with Elmo stickers, which she kept a death grip on in her little hand for the rest of the trip. Mom at one point asked why I wasn't doing anything "You know? medical?" Thats when I looked at her and go "I know it looks like I'm doing nothing, singing and talking and asking your daughter stupid questions like what color is my stethescope, But as I ask them I'm checking her mental status. She has no idea what day it is or who the president is. But she know who Elmo and Big Bird is and that who on these stickers. And she know who you are. And she knows her favorite color is pink. So if she answers those questions, she has a normal mental status for a 2 year old. And that is a very good thing. Means that there is a a very slim chance of a head injury. Also her Heart rate is right where it should be and her pupils are equal and reactive. I'm doing more things "medical" singing with her than you think. I can't do a exam with her screaming crying now can I?" That got mom to shut up. I was more than just an "Ambulance Driver" at that point. We got the child to the hospital. Gave turnover to the nurses.

You have to learn that with kids...distract. Play. Sing. Clap. Anything to get thier minds off the fact that you have needles. I particularly like stickers. Elmo Stickers are a huge hit with the under 5 set.


Chris M said...

I feel for you. And you have to see them in person. I have to deal with that on the phone, so it's a little better for me.

And I'm sure we both know... if it's people-with-kids call, then you can never do anything fast enough, good enough, correct enough - because the world revolves around them and their kid.

Medix311 said...

Excellent example of how to care for a ped.