Friday, February 01, 2008

oh crap

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Was the thought that went through my head as I paced outside the hospital. Over and over that one phrase. I had just got done moving over this fat ass bullshit "I got rear ended because I was talking on my cell phone, wasn't paying attention, had to slam on breaks so in turn caused the car behind to do them same and they still hit me but now I have bullshit neck/back pain, so I'm now going to sue the ass off those poor college kids who hit me" MVA patient from my stretcher to the hospital bed. Now as many of my faithful readers know, I am very conscious of my body movements because of my history (I have had back surgery at the ripe old age of 27). Well, this time even though I was very aware of what I was doing, I still strained my back. I knew it the second I did it. I felt that pain. That pain I was once very familar with. Now thank God it was not pain the shot down my leg. Thats Disc, you need surgery pain. This was muscle tighting and screaming at me pain. So I took the stretcher outside and paced. And this is where we came in "Are you fucking kidding me?" So I called my supervisor and Safety officer. And went in to get seen by the county doc. I'm getting better the Flexaril has helped ALOT, which is a very good sign. That means its muscle, not disc or nerve. So I get a couple days off rest the old back. I have the spine of a 60 year old. So I sit and I rest and I enjoy the drugs. Until monday when I go back to the Doc and hopefully get cleared to go back to work.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to learn about your injury. I always worry about that sort of thing. I don't really have any suggestions for improvement but wish our industry would do a little more to protect us from that type of injury. A lot has been said and done about protection from infectious diseases but, as far as I know, people working in our professsion have historically suffered way more injuries from motor vehicle accidents and "pt. handling" mishaps.

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was from me.


painter in hiding said...

very true. I think this is just a temp. setback, not a permaenent injury. You are right, we go over and over ID, but not enough is ever said on keeping our spines and knees, and shoulders in working order.