Tuesday, February 19, 2008


System Status Management. I haven't decided if I like it or not. I'm on one of our three "roaming" trucks. Meaning I have gotten to know alot of parking lots and street corners. Now I don't mind the street corners. In fact, if it keeps the non roaming trucks in their station instead of driving around and out of parking lots...I say...Send me to the parking lot of the WalMart on Main, I'll sit. I've got an iPod with the entire second season of No Reservations and the seventh season of The First 48. Plug that bitch in the cigarette lighter and I'm good. Thats what I'm here for. I'll even pick up the radio and remind dispatch that "Hey Y'all, we are right here!" when they lose track of where they put us and sends the downtown truck to the island we are sitting on. But what I don't get is they whole we can't be at the station when the truck that is STATIONED at that station is home. Take today for instance...We were sent to way out there..then that truck came home. The dispatcher called the station and goes..."Is the roamer there? If they are tell them they have to leave." When the crew asked where to send us, the reply was..."Anywhere in your district is fine but just not your station." Are you kidding me? Really? So we left, and went two blocks away to the local pizza joint and got a couple slices and cherry cokes. Its ridiculuas really. But So goes it.

Other than that one issue though...I think I do like it. We drive around. I've seen alot of the city that I might normally miss because I'm stuck at a station all day. Last shift we drove to the waterfront and sat and ate lunch there. You just don't do stuff like that when you work at a station. So its not so bad I guess. Could be worse...I could be working INSIDE. ::shudder::

oh and PS...

Steve Berry thinks I'm Cool.

Love your stuff. You are one sick medic and I respect that
Best Regards,
Steve Berry

4:13 PM


Anonymous said...

I think sitting on "point" might be OK if you are surrounded by a city but it really bites if you are out in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not famous in our industry like Berry but I think you're cool too.


painter in hiding said...

Thank No...:)

Anonymous said...

"Roam" is what ALL the rigs at the service I work for do all day. We have no station, ONLY parking lots and street corners, 14 hours inside a truck blows! I think I would kill for just one day to sit at a station. Or to be able to just sit for 10 minutes.

painter in hiding said...

I know alot of systems that only have "roamers" No stations. Its just new to me. I'm used to having at place to go, well other than the WalMart Parking lot