Tuesday, July 26, 2005

beetles, bugs and albino skinks

Worked yesterday. Did nothing really but avoid the heat and the myrid of incsects that live in and around our station. In the ghetto all you have to look out for are "palmetto bugs" or known by everyone esle in the US, roaches, and keep them from crawling in your airway bag. (Southerners like to give pretty names to some nasty stuff.) But out in the marshlands where I am working now there are all kinds of buzzing, chirping, flying six legged creatures all over the place. Bugs I have never even seen bfore. I found a very large irridencent beetle under the desk in the office and whn I accidently disturbed it from its slumber it came alive and chased me around the station for a good 5 minutes. I also had a run-in with what I later discovered was an Albino Skink after going out into the bays and there was a 6 inch pink slithery thing with alligator legs curled up in the wheel rim of the ambulance. I screamed so loud that the sheriff deputies that were sitting next door came over with their tasers drawn, to make sure nobody was tring to kill me. My partner thought the whole incident was hilarious. Can you tase a skink? The thing scampered away before we could find out. I think they thought I was nuts. When I tried to explain what I saw to one of the deputies, he said "You just described a 6 inch penis with legs"...Well thats what it looked like.

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