Saturday, July 23, 2005

Welcome to my new world

So I've been moved again. Out to the country. I have left the grimy ghetto to the southern marshlands. Clean air and a lot of fucking bugs. I got attacked by a swarm of moths on arrival to the station. There were like hundreds of them. And they fluttered all around me while I unloaded all my crap outta my car. I've now been told I am to work 24 hours and I had to basically had to move in. I had three bags of full of extra uniforms, shoes, books and $179 dollars worth o' stuff from the local Target. It's a bit of a slow truck so I had to bring things to keep me entertained during the time I'm not sleeping. I've been told by numerous people that they have never met anyone who sleeps as much as I do. But that's just because they are not around at 4am when I'm awake. I spend my days studying the back of my eyelids and my nights watching CSI and painting.

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