Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I have ordered the Fourth season of CSI on DVD from Amazon. Well a used DVD. From some son of a bitch that had a false email and won't send me my stuff. And whoever this person keeps changing the arrive by date so I can't get my money from Amazon. Fucker. Slick... But a fucker.

Also my roommate's 20 year old cat is pissing me off. I came home from the grocery store today with my bedroom door open. Now, I never leave my door open because the goddamn cat will go into my room a piss on all my stuff. I am a bit of a messy person and I have have several piles of clothes on the floor of my bedroom. You know, like a clean pile. Dirty pile, and funky pile. And this fucking cat thinks that a pile of CLEAN clothes is her litterbox. She also like to pee on the bathmat. And when I told my roommate to keep her goddman cat out of my room because the cat pissed all over a pile of clothes I just got out of the dryer, her response was "oh." and then she didn't speak to me the rest of the day. Like she was pissed that I told her that her incontinent cat has taken a liking to my pile of clean clothes... That were in my room... On my floor. She once told that "she wouldn't pee on your stuff if you would put it away" WHAT! It's my goddamn room. I should be able to keep anything I damn well please on the floor of my own bedroom. I fucking pay rent too. I can't sit out in the common area because the entire rest of the house smells like a damn litter box. I do understand that the cat doesn't like to use the litterbox because being the kind cat owner that my roommate is doesn't change the litter box but only once a month. Yes, once a month, that means not only does her room smell like cat piss, so does the entire apartment. It's also my reason number two that I keep my bedroom door shut. It keeps the stench that is the maggot infested cat box out of my personal space. I find all of this completely repulsive to the point that come November when my lease is up, I leaving her and her damn cats to fend for themselves.

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