Saturday, September 10, 2005

Well it looks as if Ophelia is going north of us to hit NC/SC border. Thank god, not to whine, but I was not looking forward to spending three days in an uncomfortable uniform in a small station with my holy roller partner. It would be okay if I myself believed in organized religion, but I do not. I do not feel as if a bunch of judgmental assholes that made fun of me during Conformation classes when I was 14 because I was one of two students who went to public school could teach me anything about faith. (Oh heaven forbid! I didn't pay thousands of dollars a year to have a bunch of nuns teach me algebra.) You either believe or you don't, I don't need to go to church every Sunday to know that He is real. I have complete faith in the fact that there is a higher power out there, but is He really watching me rock out in my car while driving to work in the morning? He has got to have better things to do in the morning. So dealing with my partner who is one of those non-denomination church types, like on the church channel, Can get somewhat tedious. Especially being a foul mouth ex-skateboarder punk ass like myself. Every Sunday morning that he is at work we get to enjoy the Christian Music, not like hymns, but that stand up and "Praise Jesus" music. And it is played very loudly. Which is fine, however he did not ask if it bothered me. What if I was a devout Jew? What if it did bother me? What would happen if I played Rage Against the Machine and Tool as loud as I wanted every say Tuesday morning? It not that he isn't a nice guy and a decent medic. He little bit of a "freaker". A little bit high strung on calls. But the best I can do is stay calm, so that he stays calm. I think he is still trying to figure out his place as a Senior Crew Chief of an entire medic unit. Just as I will be when I get my promotion as a crew chief. You just do the best you can and learn from mistakes, not only that you make, but the medics around you. We all make them. We all have weaknesses and we all have strenths. The thing you have to know is that you have them and work on them.
I have talked to my scheduling supervisor. And she completely understands my point. That and me being a naturally night person, I really need to be on a 12 hour night shift. She is working on it or so she tells me.

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