Saturday, September 17, 2005

I dont have the patience to think of a creative title

I just got home from the bar enjoying three gin and tonics with two of my closest friends. Three is a good number, buzzed just enough to be happy, not drunk enough to have a killer hangover in the morning. So I spent the day today cleaning my mess of an apartment. Taking two bags worth of crap to the local Goodwill. Five loads of laundry and about 412 coathangers later I can now see the floor of my living space. So now at 3am Im waiting for my last laod to dry. A load that includes all my sheets and blankets so I can go to bed until they are done. Now I do have several sets of sheets. However I have a touch of OCD and since they nolonger match the color scheme of my bedroom I can not but them on my bed. Plus several months ago I broke down an bought 400 count sheets, so 180 count sheets feel like sleeping on wallpaper. I even bought 350 count sheets for my bed at the station because I could not stand the sheets on the beds there. My partners think I'm nuts, however I like what I like. Judge me I dare you.

So I have had three days off instead of the standard 48 hours. Its because of the move. I'm not only going to a diffrent truck but to a diffrent shift. So instead of being at work tommorrow...or today technically I have another day off. So I guess I'll go to the gym...or not..whatever

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