Friday, September 23, 2005


Working at breakneck speed for long hours is beginning to wear me down. Xterra, Xterra, Xterra. I have spent almost two weeks straight in a uniform for at least 12 hours a day. Xterra, Xterra, Xterra. I havent even bought a CD or DVD in at least a month, Xterra, Xterra, Xterra. I beginning to go through withdraws. I think the people at the local music store are going to forget my name and I will no longer get my "family discount". Diffrent priorities I guess, Less music, more new car right? I can give up one addiction, right? Well techniclly two.

I can't sleep, what a suprise. And on top of that I can't quit sneezing. So I sit up typing and watching Sex and the City. Taking a break from my normal late night insommnia routine of CSI: and a bottle of wine. So it's SATC and diet coke with lime. SInce I have to work in the AM I had to do the diet coke in lieu of the wine.

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