Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My reality show

There is a new show in MTV called "the reality show" It shows a bunch of fucking weirdos who are competing to get their life on TV. So my roommate and I were watching this discussing that our lives are really aren;t really very interesting. I think the only thing in my life worth sharing with the entire world is my job. I then could educate the MTV generation that EMS is not a taxi service. Then again who wants to watch me try and communicate with a deaf 75 year old who summonded an ambulance because he can't shit. And he just keeps yelling "I can't poop!' over and over again...Very loudly. So my life is not that fascinating. It basically boring with small interjecting of excitement. Maybe my driving could be considered an adrenaline rush. Several mailboxes in my neighborhood has felt the rath of the gold 'rolla....Or the other way around. The mailboxes happen to be made of some sort of metal know only to NASA and have taken chunks of paint and metal off my poor unsuspecting 'rolla. My poor car has become a running joke with my circle of friends...And some of my partners. The peeling paint on the front bumper from where a deer ran into my car on a trip back from ATL, the gouges of missing paint from the mailboxes, and the cracked front headlight from a retard hit me when the city of Charleston messed up on the planning of the annual Christmas tree erecting by completely blocking an intersection of two one way streets. I guess it come from driving a huge three ton truck. A truck that I am able to break all kinds of traffic laws to maneuver my way through the streets of Chas in.

In other news...I am moving yet again. I get bounced around more than a tennis ball. A new truck, a new partner. At least this new partner is one that I can stand to be in the same room with. And I won't get looked down on because I'm not "Christian" enough because I drink and say the word "fuck" occasionally.

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