Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So I'm continuing to be glued to CNN watching all the Hurricane Coverage. I sit and I watch wanting to help. They have sent several Medics from our service who are members of the DMAT team. I wanted so bad to be able to go with them. Of course my father would have fought tooth and nail to keep me from going. But instead I'm here in my air-conditioned home with clean running water and electricity. Now I am on call with several other medics here along with ER doctors, RNs EDTs, surgeons waiting for the evacuees to arrive here in Charleston. According to the PTB (Powers that Be) Charleston was supposed to recieve up to 1600 people for the gulf states for medical attention yesterday, however PTB sent them to Charleston, West Virgina, instead of here. So now we are expecting them tommorrow. So I will stand by my phone and wait for the call. So that I can do something to help these people. I feel that since my broke ass can't afford to donate money, I can donate my time. I can use my emergency medical skills to help.

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