Saturday, August 20, 2005

Baby sis moves on

I helped my baby sister move into the dorm today. She starts college classes on Tuesday. I have spent the last week trying to keep my mother from crying ever time she calls because their "Baby is moving out" and my father from making excuses to try and keep her home. I don't remember all this drama when I moved out. However I was the oldest and they still had my sister to coddle and protect from the Big Bad Real World. As I moved her in I was a bit jealous, I did not have the college experience that all my friends had. I graduated from the local Tech School with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography, I did not go to "real college" as in dorm life and rush week. I got into Art school after getting my degree, however I was working the the ER and found that a bit more interesting. I felt I could not make a living with my true passion of photography, so I joined the ranks of EMS. But sometimes I feel a bit left out when my cohorts speak of dorm mates and trying to make it to class with a hangover. (most of my classes were luckily at night)

Not to say I regret anything, had I went to Art School, I would have ended up in some cubicle in front of a computer screen designing logos, instead of behind the wheel of an ambulance racing across town to and from whatever emergency is going on. I would not have the life changing experiences that I can now claim. I would not have held a man's heart in my hands keeping him alive while the skilled surgeon stitched the hole in his heart up. And with this job I can afford to stay behind my camera without the worry of having to shoot lame weddings to keep me in shelter and clothing. I can shoot what I love, not what I have to.

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