Thursday, August 11, 2005

The cat

So my roommate's cat is dying. The 20 year old cat. The 20 year old cat the liked to pee on my clean clothes and bathmat. I don't like the cat, however I will not speak badly of the dying. I Am trying my best to support my roommate through this. It's not everyday that one must make the decision to put a beloved pet down. And not being able to help the sick cat makes me feel a little helpless. Being that I can save the life of a crack-head human, but I can't do anything to treat the cat. I know cats are a bit different that humans (duh), but I still feel terrible. I watch her sit with her cat, talking to her, saying her goodbyes. If I was an emotional person I would cry. But the death and sickness I see everyday has harden me.

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