Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slow down, chill out

My partner drives me nuts. I still don;t understand why the supervisor who does the schedule puts two people together who never mesh and when she mistakingly give you a partner you love and work well together she splits you up. EMS is not supposed to be fun! what was I thinking!? Now I'm just bitching. But he does drive me crazy. He forgets sometimes that it's NOT his emergency. And does everything half-assed. Restocking, check off, station duties. If you not going to do it right, I'd rather you not do it. AHHHgh! Anyways, other than that it's been a slow shift. four calls. Only one of any note was the one at 430 this am. Gunshot wound (or GSW if you want to sound like us) to the head and chest. I can't say much due to it being an open investigation and this being a public forum, Just that it was a big ol mess. We RSI (see further posts for info on RSI) him because though he was leaking grey matter out of the large hole in his head he still had a gag reflex and purposeful movement. And we quickly transported him to the Trauma Center. As of 500 he was still alive.

Has it been a slow news day? Why is the Today show doing a report on "girl crushes" WTF?

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