Thursday, August 11, 2005

Recreational crack smoking

I spent the last 48 hours in uniform. The last few days has been steaming hot and being in a polyester uniform is the last thing I want to be in. Even the EMS "PJs" is a polyester jumpsuit. If you were the light me on fire I would burst into flames. However it has been a slow few hours. Only running about 5 calls in 48 hours. Not to bad. One being a 56 year old man who began having chest pain at 0300 because he had been smoking crack cocaine for the last six hour prior to calling us. He was otherwise a very nice man. Not a violent crack smoker, just a recreational user. I just told him on the ride to "Quit smoking that shit, it fucks with your heart and kidneys" He told me he'd stop, but they never do. It;s just wasted breath.

So my days off consisted of the usual pro and con fight of going to the gym and errand running. I did spend about three hours in the darkroom developing old negatives from FB. Then spent the rest of the night in the bar fighting the urge to drink myself into oblivion. I ran into an old friend of mine who about a year ago was a very smart wonderful biology major who has now turned into the guy that lives on your sofa.

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