Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the first 48

So I figured it out. If its not hot as fuck here, its pouring ass raining. either way it makes my job miserable. My relief called out yesterday, which in turn forced me to stay at work for 48 hours. 48 fucking hours...at work...in the rain. And of course people can't stay on the raod when it's raining, they must flip their car over in a ditch, which because its been raining, is full of mud up to my eyeballs so that I must wade out to them to help them. My first call of the day yesterday was just that. This poor kid jack-knifed his truck on a busy highway and ended up upside-down in a ditch with a broken leg. Now I will give him credit, he did extricate himself from the wreakage, kudos to him, however he could only get as far as the middle of the ditch before he passed out from the pain of having a mangled leg. So I'm up to my knees in mud trying to put him on a spine board, which kept sinking in the mud, and it was still raining. So now I'm covered in mud and soaking wet. When we got him to the hospital the doctor asked "is it raining still Outside?" No fucker I took a bath in the mud pit before I came. I love my job. However this was the only fun I had for two days. The rest was chest pain since friday, my child is blowing spit bubbles, and I can't feel the side of my face after smoking pot. Who taught these people that 911 was a taxi service downtown? I don;t know about you people, but I was taught growing up you didn't call an ambulance for toe pain, unless your fucking toes were falling off one by one. I was told dead or dying you call and ambulance, in otherwords, an EMERGENCY. Not paranoia from smoking to much weed.

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