Saturday, August 13, 2005

What is this handbasket...and where are we going?

I had a pretty uneventful day. Had the internal conflict of "should I go to the gym?" The gym eventually won out after my sister came by to go with me. Then we went to dinner, had grilled mahi which was tasty. While watching CSI:Miami DVDs, realized That I had to go to work tomorrow. I'm somewhat tired of the daily ins and outs of EMS. Yesterday at work I got fussed at for having one report in my Inbox and the fact I missed 3 linen savers and 4 fill needles on morning check-off the shift before. Apparently the crew after me did a check-off and had three pages of missing stuff. When I went back over the list they made, it was basically three pages of the same 12 things. 9 of which was already on the discrept board. I did get to work with a different crew chief yesterday also. Very chill dude. Unlike my normal partner who is nice, but a bible beating "real men love Jesus" Type. I'm not. I being a foul mouthed artist punk ass heathen, I always feel like I am forever being judged as Satan's spawn. I slipped up the shift before and said "fuck" twice and "Goddamn" once. I am now bound for the fiery depths of hell ( what is this handbasket...and where are we going?) My pld partner told me he's saving me a place in that handbasket. So my temp CC, Like me an ex-punk with a tendency to be accident prone. Also had some very entertaining stories about being a redneck punk ass from Tennessee. So we spent the day discussing BMX, skateboarding and comparing scars.

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