Monday, August 29, 2005

oh screw this

I was off today. Did much of nothing. Except I did find two dresses for my aunts wedding this weekend. I was able to get a 120 dollar dress for...wait...13 dollars, yes thats right 13...1-3. was I ever happy. So shopping was very fulfilling. Then I had lunch/dinner with my mother after a wonderful day of laid-back of doing nothing. So now I can spend more money on shoes, one of my other addictions, for the wedding. And I'm also the photographer for the wedding. So Stress, what? This is because the grooms daughter, my new cousin, is a professional photographer. I have seen her work and it is unbelievable. However fine art. Very diffrent from my style, which is very photojournalistic. But still unfuckingbelievable. But my aunt asked me. Now my aunt is a bit of a perfectionist so I'm now under a microscope. And if kinda stresses me out.

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